restoring trust

restoring trust

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Comments regarding the Moreland Commission that have been censored by the New York media.

Because this blog exposes crimes by the Moreland Commission (and Governor Cuomo, who has assumed responsibility for the actions of "his commission")  that no other news venue will touch, I take the opportunity to leave comments on articles that discuss the Moreland Commission and its investigation.

My comments are always factual, polite and pertinent to the article at hand. They often simply provide a link to this blog. 

Nevertheless, some news venues censor my comments, apparently because they do not want their readers to have access to the information this blog provides. It may be assumed that these venues are threatened by the information on this blog, because it runs counter to their political agenda. 

I believe that this censorship is a grave disservice to to these venues' readers, and a gross perversion of their mandate. 

On this page, I will list the venues who censor my posts, by posting screen shots of my comments before they were removed:

Consider this a hall of shame for New York Media. 


Censored two comments: 8/17/2014

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