restoring trust

restoring trust

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peter L Zimroth Esq.

Email of Aug 13, 2013. 

Subject: "The most egregious abuse of NYPD power - the surveillance, kidnapping, and murder of anti corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu."

From: Wgalison

To: Peter.Zimroth

Bcc: milton ; assistjm

Subject: The most egregious abuse of NYPD power - the surveillance, kidnapping, and murder of anti corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu.

Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 7:52 am

Mr. Zimroth;

Congratulations on your appointment as federal monitor of the NYPD.

There is a story that you may be unfamiliar with, that represents the ultimate abuse of power by the NYPD, and which has been covered up by many state agencies as well as the FBI.

On June 26th, 2010, my friend and colleague Sunny Sheu was bludgeoned to death on a remote industrial strip in Flushing Queens.

Three days earlier, Mr. Sheu had declared to the Office of Court Administration "Ethics Department" that he had evidence of financial fraud by NY Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia,

The Queens M.E. determined the cause of death to be "Blunt Force Trauma to the head with skull fractures and braininjuries", and the manner of death "undetermined". The NYPD maintains that Sheu died of an "aneurism" with "no head trauma". There has been no investigation.

Weeks prior to his death, Mr. Sheu made a video, later posted on Youtube, in which he says he was kidnapped and threatened with death by two NYPD detectives of the Queens DA Bureau if he disclosed the evidence against Golia. His illegal, warrantless detention was verified by Queens DA spokesman Kevin Ryan. Sheu also stated that the he begged the FBI for witness protection against Golia and the two Detectives. He further stated that if he were killed, it would be at their hands. The FBI ignored Sheu's plea and his evidence of judicial corruption. Since his death, they have never responded to communications or accepted evidence.

The NYPD ignored FOIL requests and appeals for documentation of the circumstances of Sheu's death, including thew alleged witness' testimony. Finally, when subsequent requests were forwarded to Christine Quinn, the NYPD furnished documents so heavily redacted as to be useless.

In plain terms, The NYPD kidnapped and threatened a civilian with death if he reported corruption, then after his brutal murder sent false evidence to the Medical Examiner in an unsuccessful attempt to sway his determination, and has covered up this murder for three years.

Commissioner Kelly has ignored all correspondence demanding transparency and accountability.
Shortly before his death Sheu, who had been a computer communications expert in Taiwanese intelligence, showed me forensic proof that his email communications had been intercepted and manipulated by someone at, the non-governmental internet presence of the NYPD.

Further information and documentation of the case can be found at
A thoroughly documented article on the case was published by
Mr Zimroth; this case demonstrates the underlying depravity and criminality of the police department whose policies you are investigating.
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This is nothing less than a Government sanctioned assassination of an anti corruption whistleblower, covered up, if not committed and sanctioned buy the NYPD at the highest level.

If you want to make a real and lasting difference regarding abuses by the NYPD, you will use your office to investigate this crime, wherever and to whomever it leads.

I hope to hear from you regarding this critical issue. 

Thank you. 

Will Galison 



Email of September 15th  2013. 

Subject: "Moreland Commission Hearings."

From: Wgalison

To: Peter.Zimroth ; assistjm ; milton ; danny

; jason ; deblasio  Subject: Moreland Commission Hearings

Date: Sun, Sep 15, 2013 9:02 am 

Mr. Zimroth,

I am a part-time reporter for the Black Star News and I wrote you recently about an assassination which is being covered up by the NYPD, who also appear to be complicit in its perpetration.

I have not yet received any response to your office.

This cover up of this crime seems to be so important to the NYPD that I fear I and other witnesses and reporters with information about it are also in danger of retribution. As you know Ray Kelly is an advisor to the committee and he knows my name well, from the letters the Blackstar news sent to him regarding the case.

Mu immediate concern is that I may be barred from testifying at the Moreland Commission Hearings, out of fear that I will further disclose this case on the public record, and put Mr. Kelly and others on the spot
I registered to speak at the hearing before the registration form was added to the page and again less than one hour after the form was added. I have metadata proving that I registered before the roster of witnesses could possibly have been filled. If I am barred from speaking at the hearing it cannot be because I registered late or because I do not have urgently important corruption to report. It will because my testimony is being blocked by corrupt commissioners.

From nines years of fighting official corruption in New York State, I am very familiar with many of the names on the roster of Moreland Commissioners. I don't need to tell you that many are deeply complicit in crimes and corruption.

New Yorkers are counting on you to make the Moreland Hearings more than a sham, a waste of taxpayers money, and a pretext for continuing the official corruption that has become the norm in NY government.
Your acknowledgment of receipt of this letter will give me confidence in your commitment to fighting corruption in New York.

Thanks very much, 

Will Galison 



Peter Zimroth denies receiving the above emails despite the fact that all other parties copied recieved them both...

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